How to Make a Background Transparent in Photoshop?

Photoshop is one of the sophisticated software for making out various types of photo editing. This will help you to make out the clipping path, background remove, photo retouch, color correction, and also various types of photo editing for your picture.

To use your photos for the right purposes you need to take the help of photoshop as this will help you to get your photo done as you are looking for.

Here we will help you to provide with the tutorial about how to make a background transparent in photoshop so that by the end of this article you will be able to learn about

  • Clipping path
  • Background removes

Processes of making the background transparent

You know that photoshop is one of the best photo editing software therefore, here are some different types of methods to remove the background for making the background transparent as you need.

No worry, we will disclose all those techniques so that you can easily learn about those steps properly.

For your kind information, we would like to mention that every different step is used depending on the photo category. That means you should follow one of those steps depending on the types of images.

Top 3 methods of making the background transparent

  • Method of Polygonal lasso tool
  • Method of Quick selection tool
  • Method of Brush tool

When to use one of those methods?

As there are three types of methods you need to know about the uses of those methods so that you can apply the best method for your photos to get the best quality of results.

Let’s know about the best use of those methods:

  • If you think the image you want to make the background transparent holds a straight edge you can go for the method of polygonal lasso tool which will save you time and will give the best result.
  • The images which have round or wavy edges must need to be followed by the method of the Quick Selection tool and this will give the best result for it.
  • If you see that you have trickier types of images to remove the background and make the transparent of your photos you need to use the method of Brush tool which will help you the best to get the right types of background removed photos.

Brief about the process of making a transparent background

To make the background transparent you can follow those three types of methods and we will here discuss the process of making the job done.

Following the Polygonal Lasso Method

Suppose I want to make the background transparent from the below image which has a straight edge. Therefore, I must use this method so that I can get the perfect output regarding this photo.

1.Bringing the image in photoshop

First of all, I just need to bring the image in photoshop and after dragging the image into photoshop I just need to convert it. I will convert it into a Smart object and also, I will rasterize it.

I will select layer option in the menu and then going to dropdown I will choose the smart object and then convert to smart object.

After doing this I will click the layer dropdown menu again to make the rasterize. After selecting the Rasterize I will click on the Smart object holding in rasterize option.

After doing this I’m ready to make the image background transparent now.

2.Use of the Polygonal tool

I will Select the polygonal tool form the left tools option and then I will start to make the trace in the image. Well, I will start it from one corner and will finish it out all the images around to make the perfect shape as it has.

3.Connecting the stared line to the ending point

After making all the around of the image tracing, this is the time to connect the staring part to the end part. After connecting the line, you will see your mouse cursor will turn into a circle which means you have done it successfully.

4.The selected background deleting process

After making the tracing just click the Select option from the menu bar and then going down following the bar click the Inverse which will highlight the selected background.

Now, it’s time to have your transparent background as you are looking for. Therefore, doing all the above steps you need to click the Delete option from your keyboard. Wow, you will be able to see that the previous background is no longer existing in the image.

To get your perfect image with transparent background export your images from the file menu at PNG format which will give you the as perfect transparent background removed image as you are looking for.

End line & advice

If you think that you want to grab the right work done for your photos like clipping path or background remove you need to follow the steps carefully also you need to be an expert of using the pen tool which will help you a lot.